[Chapter 1 - Unemployed]


Author's Notes:

[4/19/23] First page! I'm really excited to get this comic going!! There are some minor errors,, please just ignore them :,)


Author's Notes:

[5/3/23] WE'RE FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE!! I think updating every 2 weeks will work for me, but if I manage to pump out panels quickly I might switch temporarily to a weekly schedule. Also, I plan on creating a doc with all of the dialogue in script form so that screen readers can access the comic as well!!


Author's Notes:

[5/17/23] OH GOODNESS. I had to cramp this update in last minute because I procrastinated for the entire 2 weeks and COMPLETELY forgot I had to work on the panels. Sadly, the update had to be cut short. I wanted to have 4 panels done this week but I was unable to do so :( I'll make up for it in the next update, though, since school will probably be out by then!!


Author's Notes:

[5/31/23] WOW. Once again, procrastination nearly did me in. I literally just finished panel 8-!! Sorry for the abrupt ending, I've been super busy because I have exams this week!! My last day of school is tomorrow, though, so I'll work on an extra long page!! You're gonna learn why Connie hates Liyle soon, I promise heheh- Also, Connie's car is a reference to a certain album I like,, if you can figure it out then I love you sm


Author's Notes:

[6/29/23] HI IM BACK!!! I know im a day late, but i promised a double update and i am here to provide!! there are 4 panels this time, isnt that exciting?? i havent slept in 24 hours and i drank a ton of coffee so im sure this will all go well. BTW! if you want regular updates on FSR, check out my Instagram! I'll be linking that where my Twitter used to be.

[Interlude 1]

Author's Notes:

[7/26/23] HI finally got the interlude done. I hope this page isn't too confusing because I really was struggling to figure out a good way to set up the lore-tension between Liyle and Finn. They've got a weird toxic thing going on.

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