[Chapter 2 - Bugs]


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[8/23/23] WILL TOLEDO'S BIRTHDAY there's some csh references in here... Also Im rewriting this authors note cuz I accidentally deleted the first one oops!


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[10/4/23] IM SO HAPPY TO FINALLY UPDATE YOU HAVE NO IDEA- ITS BEEN TOO LONG WAH!!! I wanted to do so much more with this update, I'm sorry its so empty :(


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[1/10/24] IM SO SORRY FOR THE 3 MONTH HIATUS OH MY GOD. I come back after 3 months to post filler IM SO SORRY I’m literally the worst author ever LMAOO


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[3/10/24] HIII I've been wanting to update for ages im so sorry,, I planned to update on time but projects and testing got in the way. I've got a lot on my plate right now with school and sutff, so yea. Sorry for the seldom updates, we try :,)

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